Pajama Warmer Pouch Warms Up Your Winterwear

Our esteemed commentator OMG!!! Ponies!!! already knows what he's getting from his girlfriend on the Chrismukkah gift front, so this pajama warmer goes out to you, Sir. Stuff your PJs (or whatever it is you want to warm up) in this electric pouch and it's toasted gonads before you can say "Bloody Norah, that hurts."… » 12/19/07 7:00am 12/19/07 7:00am

Spotlight LED In-Car Torch Finds Fluff Down the Side of the Car Seat

The Spotlight, a tiny little flashlight that charges via your car's cigarette lighter and allows you to find all the little bits of detritus and ting that manage to fall down the side of the car seat. It comes in a dozen different colors and was runner-up for Best New Interior Accessory prize at SEMA 2007. Price and… » 12/03/07 8:55am 12/03/07 8:55am

Multi-Functional MC Mallet Comes in a Flat-Pack

This mallet is the most ingenious thing I've seen for a long time. While not normally a fan of flat-pack stuff — the only thing I have ever assembled from scratch (a wooden shelving unit from Shabbycrap Habitat) was so wonky that I had to jam a cold storage heater against it to stop it toppling over — I can so see the… » 11/23/07 5:54am 11/23/07 5:54am

OpenIt Promises to Shred Evil Plastic Shell Packaging

The days of cut hands and busted scissors at the hands of the ubiquitous no-one's-getting-the-merchandise-locked-inside-this-sarcophagus plastic anti-theft packaging might be at end courtesy of OpenIt, which are like short pruning shears with orange plier handles, allowing you to cut your way through the shell by… » 10/04/07 10:30pm 10/04/07 10:30pm