Android's Tips for Beautiful Icon Design Are the Opposite of Google's

Today, Android published a helpful blog post offering up a list of design tips for developers slaving away over new app icons, encouraging them to use shadows, textures, and micro detail. We're watching Android grow up into its own distinct visual identity—independent even from Google mothership. » 7/19/13 10:55am 7/19/13 10:55am

What Comes After Click: A Crash Course in Tangible User Interfaces

For three decades, most of us have interacted with computers in exactly the same way: We point with a mouse (or a finger!), click, and watch the screen. In one way, it's the most outdated element of human computer interaction around. But in another, it's the thing that's shaped every operating system and device… » 7/18/13 1:00pm 7/18/13 1:00pm

5 Things iOS 7 Tells Us About Your Next iPhone and iPad

One of the wonderful things about getting your first iPhone was the sheer self-sufficient simplicity of the thing—here was a device that served as a map, mp3 player, notebook, phone, and anything else you might need, all crunched into a beautiful little package. But if this year's WWDC was any indication, that era of… » 6/24/13 12:35pm 6/24/13 12:35pm

Ive's Influence: Can a Great Product Designer Also Design Great UI?

With iOS 7 a little over a week away, it's worth taking stock of the fact that this is Jonathan Ive's first WWDC as Apple's Head of Human Interface (HI). But what does it mean for an industrial designer—someone who works with atoms in three dimensions—to be put in charge of a team that works with electrons in two… » 5/29/13 1:20pm 5/29/13 1:20pm

The Next Kinect Will Turn Everyone Into a Jedi—Everywhere!

Capri, the next 3D sensor by the makers of Microsoft Kinect, will bring precise, fast motion tracking to everything—from laptops and TVs to elevators, robots and appliances everywhere. Basically, it will turn everyone into Jedis or wizards, allowing you to casually wave your hand to make machines do whatever you want. » 1/18/13 11:41am 1/18/13 11:41am

The Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Is the Best of Any Phone

I love Windows Phone 7's start screen: neatly organized square tiles that clearly show information in real time—from emails to photos to weather to travel progress—without having to click on applications. With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft has solved my only criticism: not enough information density. And it have done so… » 6/20/12 1:40pm 6/20/12 1:40pm

Apple Has Fixed the Horrendous Weekday Placement In iOS 6 Calendar…

Victory! Apple has fixed the weekdays placement in iOS 6's Calendar app after we complained about it a few months ago. I'm not surprised, because it was so impossibly bad that it probably had Steve Jobs rolling in his grave. This user interface agression just couldn't stand, man. » 6/13/12 12:20pm 6/13/12 12:20pm