Why FireChat's Latest Update Is a Big Deal

FireChat, the clever app that lets people talk to each other without using cell reception, just got an update that gives its users fixed handles. That might not mean a damn thing to you, which is understandable. FireChat doesn't have the name recognition of Snapchat. It's not a popular messaging app. But it should be,… » 8/25/14 10:29am 8/25/14 10:29am

The Most Awesome Twitter Names That Sadly Aren't Being Used

I hate being late to a new social network or e-mail service or anything where I have to choose a new user name. You don't want to be the guy stuck with You1RNa1773Butch3red@coolstartup.com. You want your real name! I also hate those people who squat on awesome user names and DO NOTHING. Like these people who are… » 9/03/12 7:00pm 9/03/12 7:00pm