Texas Jury Smacks Down Landmark Shakedown Attempt by Infamous Patent Troll

Tim "I helped invent the Internet" Berners-Lee testified before a federal jury earlier this week, tearing into the validity of a key patent Eolas Technologies' was exploiting to sue multiple web companies for $600 million. He must have been persuasive because the court took mere hours to reach its decision. »2/09/12 9:40pm2/09/12 9:40pm


Nokia Just Sold Hundreds of Its "Essential" Wireless Patents

Sisvel International, the notorious IP management firm that made headlines in 2010 by teaming with Apple and Siemens to call in a police raid at the CeBIT trade show, is rearming itself. The company announced yesterday that it has acquired hundreds of Nokia-owned wireless patents. Who's ready for some litigation? »1/13/12 11:14pm1/13/12 11:14pm