Spock's Home Office Would Include This USS Enterprise Desk and Chair

Adam Savage recently built his own flawless replica of Kirk’s captain’s chair, but the talented designers behind Super-Fan Builds have taken that idea to the next level by turning the entire USS Enterprise into a glowing computer desk and office chair that looks ready to hit warp nine. »5/26/15 1:19pm5/26/15 1:19pm


Wonderful U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set Includes Warp Trail Chopsticks

If you're in the business of designing and selling novelty chopstick sets, you might as well pack up and close down shop now because no one will ever be able to top this U.S.S. Enterprise set that ThinkGeek has created. The BPA-free plastic chopsticks look like glowing blue warp trails coming out of its engines, and… »3/16/15 9:24am3/16/15 9:24am

ThinkGeek's Made Its Flying U.S.S. Enterprise Frisbee Prank a Real Toy

ThinkGeek's annual crop of April Fools' Day prank products are not only great because the company puts so much time and effort into making them see as real as possible, but also because they often end up as products you can actually buy. The latest to go from prank to purchasable is that U.S.S. Enterprise flying disc »3/09/15 9:49am3/09/15 9:49am

This Is the Badass Dark Enterprise Kirk Battles In the Next Star Trek Film

There are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the next film in J.J. Abrams's reborn Star Trek series—including who exactly Benedict Cumberbatch is playing—but now we've got one more piece of the puzzle. It was briefly teased in the last trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, but via the film's mobile app, we now have a… »4/24/13 3:16pm4/24/13 3:16pm

The Amazing History and Figures of the First Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier in the World

The USS Enterprise, the first nuclear aircraft carrier in the world, has been officially retired today at a ceremony in Norfolk, Virginia—special appearance by Captain Kirk included. Since her comissioning in November 1961, she has served under ten Commanders-in-Chief, including John F. Kennedy during the Cuban… »12/01/12 3:38pm12/01/12 3:38pm

Touch Screen RC Star Trek Enterprise Boldly Goes Where No RC Vehicle Has Gone Before

Interstellar space flight may have been poo-poo'd on by astrophysicists »8/24/08 1:00pm8/24/08 1:00pm this week, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little pseudo space-faring fun with this first-of-its-kind RC Star Trek Enterprise. Due to arrive in May 2009, the $80 foam flyer is controlled via a vintage Star Trek touchscreen communicator…