A California Power Plant Is Getting the World's Biggest Lithium Battery

The power shortages, brown-outs, and rolling blackouts that have long plagued Los Angeles county during times of peak energy usage may soon be a thing of the past now that the region's energy utility has signed on with battery-maker AES Southland to install a massive, 400MW auxiliary power solution. »11/24/14 11:40am11/24/14 11:40am


Nintendo Wii's Nintendo Channel Screenshot Tour and Hands-on

The Wii's "Nintendo Channel" just went live, giving you a way to both watch trailers of current and upcoming Nintendo games, and feed Nintendo information on what games you play. What's the latter for? So Nintendo can better customize the trailers of games to recommend to you, thus making you buy more games and… »5/07/08 6:34pm5/07/08 6:34pm