TacPen Harvests DNA, Hurts, is a Stealth Weapon

Ouchy. Fresh from the company that brought you the Uzi comes the TacPen. Made of high-grade aircraft aluminum, it's got two attachments up top to stab your assailant while gathering his or her DNA. I've got DNA harvesters too. Fingernails. » 1/06/10 7:03am 1/06/10 7:03am

Rap Group Hands Out Uzi-Shaped Flash Drive Album

If you're a fan of novelty USB drives, submachine guns, and rap, I've got a treat for you: The Get Busy Committee stuck their upcoming album Uzi Does It on uzi-shaped flash drives to create an unholy threesome. [Wired] » 10/09/09 11:40pm 10/09/09 11:40pm

Top 12 Guns for Geeks and Gadget Goons

Click to viewAfter the appalling tragedy in Salt Lake City earlier this week where an 18-year-old gunman began indiscriminately shooting people to death, our thoughts drifted toward arming ourselves to the teeth. The off-duty (and armed) cop on the scene saved countless lives, keeping the gunman pinned down until… » 2/16/07 11:55am 2/16/07 11:55am