Precorder for iPhone

Problem: When you're shooting video with your iPhone, you have to record continuously, lest you miss the magic moment. Precorder quietly records the whole time, so you can wait for the action and then add a few seconds of build-up. » 1/19/11 7:20pm 1/19/11 7:20pm

What is it?

Precorder, iPhone, $1. A replacement for your iPhone's built in… » 1/19/11 7:20pm 1/19/11 7:20pm

Technology Review Nominates its Objects of Desire: Gizmodo says 'Phwoar!'

Technology Review has rounded up a bunch of objects that it feels are design classics from the past 30 or so years and got a bunch of industrial designers to talk about them. And you've gotta admit they're right—on some of the candidates, at least. First up is the Polaroid SX-70, which dates back to 1972. » 5/10/07 9:16am 5/10/07 9:16am