Peaceful shot of a MV-22 Osprey overlooking the Sun on top a mountain

The US Marines says this photo shows a MV-22B Osprey preparing to take off on top of a mountain in New Mexico. I think the picture is fantastic, the rear shot makes it look like the Osprey is being contemplative and its rotors are splitting the Sun at the perfect angle. Everything almost looks peaceful. »4/21/15 8:00pm4/21/15 8:00pm

The V-22 Osprey's New Belly Gun Rotates 360 Degrees To Fire 3,000 Rounds a Minute

Though the V-22 Osprey was built to drop troops behind enemy lines, the tilt-rotor aircraft left them dangerously exposed to ground fire. The problem was that the Osprey couldn't fire a weapon anywhere but to toward the rear. The solution—mount a rotating gun on the aircraft's underside and clear those landing… »9/05/12 11:30am9/05/12 11:30am

Falx Promises Private Tilt-Rotor Aircraft. Verdict: Improbable

This small V-22 Osprey lookalike looks like a sleek and sexy machine, doesn't it? The Falx Salker is a VTOL aircraft and is designed to be a hybrid electric vehicle, with solar energy augmenting the 100hp engine to achieve a fuel efficiency of 10 liters per hour of flight. According to their website, Falx Air Vehicles… »4/29/08 1:20pm4/29/08 1:20pm