V-Moda Vamp Verza: The Fanciest Audio Accessory for Your Phone

Last Year, V-Moda made a specially designed headphone amp/DAC case for the iPhone. It was awesome, but way too expensive for what it did. V-Moda's new Vamp Verza is an infinitely more flexible product you can use with iPhones and Android phones and even your computer—but it might fall flat for exactly the same reason… »3/13/13 12:22pm3/13/13 12:22pm

New V-Moda Vibe and Vibe Duo Jacks Mean Fewer Dead Headphones (Hopefully)

If you check out the ratings for V-Moda's Vibe »9/11/08 7:00pm9/11/08 7:00pm or at or , they're kinda crappy, bogged down a tons of complaints that they die fast. After an "unacceptable" rate of returns, V-Moda is acknowledging that the jack is behind the genocide and quietly launching a redesigned, reinforced one that'll hit shelves next week.…