A GoPro For Kids Captures How Those Skinned Knees Happened

The outlandish stunts of even the most extreme athletes still can't compare to the exploits of a bored six-year-old on a Saturday afternoon. And the only thing more thrilling than jumping a tricycle off a makeshift ramp is watching the replay of the resulting crash again and again. So VTech has made a kid-friendly… »1/20/15 3:03pm1/20/15 3:03pm


Vtech's IS6110, an Instant Messaging Cordless Telephone

The Vtech IS6110 is the little cordless telephone that could. There is a lot of functionality packed into one tidy little package. It is a fully featured DECT 6.0 cordless phone that includes a full QWERTY keypad and lays claim to being the first cordless phone to deliver instant messaging capabilities. All you do is… »4/15/08 2:42am4/15/08 2:42am

VTech's infoPhone Brings the Internet to Your Landline

If you're the sort of gadget buff that needs every item in your household to connect to the Internet, then this phone's for you. The ip8300 infoPhone works like your typical cordless phone, except that it comes with a base station that sports an Ethernet jack. So the phone can hop onto your home network and let you… »12/27/06 1:30pm12/27/06 1:30pm