iTunes-Friendly Motorola RAZR V3i Launches on Cingular

Nobody's told Motorola that the RAZR isn't "cool" anymore, so we'll just have to live with the cellphone's constant revisions, the latest of which is the V3i, now available on Cingular. RAZR fans stuck with Cingular now have the opportunity to enjoy iTunes music on a trendy-two-years ago RAZR. The main physical… » 9/07/06 8:33am 9/07/06 8:33am

One Consumer's Odyssey In Getting Her Motorola RAZR Repaired

One unlucky lady went through almost a dozen Motorola phone operators to try and get her Motorola V3i RAZR replaced or repaired. Reading through her IM story, we felt like she was Odysseus, her repaired RAZR was Odysseus's wife/home, and Motorola's phone jockeys were Poseidon, tossing her about the sea like a ruthless… » 8/30/06 7:15pm 8/30/06 7:15pm

Motorola, Dolce & Gabbana Intro Pseudo Luxury RAZR V3i (Again)

Since owning trendy cellphones has replaced land ownership as the main way of flaunting wealth, Motorola and Dolce & Gabbana will once again offer a special RAZR coated in gold and other shiny objects that people have assigned value to. A V3i just like last year's noble experiment (pictured here), the Motorola and D&G… » 6/01/06 10:48am 6/01/06 10:48am