Even The Civil War Had Tourists

If it was 1861 and you knew there was a big land battle in the neighboring town of Manassas, VA, what would you do? You would grab your telescope, pack up the family carriage, and check it out, of course. » 8/04/11 9:41pm 8/04/11 9:41pm

How Much Fancier Can This Palindromic, Kinetic Museum Sign Get?

Yeh, your local museum may think they're pretty fancy with their glowing Helvetica sign, but does it have revolving parts that turn into a mirrored palindrome? London's V&A museum is scoffing in the face of yours. » 7/30/10 6:00pm 7/30/10 6:00pm

Gogo To Bring In-Flight Wi-Fi By Spring; We Can't Wait

We already knew that Virgin America and American Airlines were planning to bring in-flight wi-fi in 2008, but we seriously didn't expect it be ready by spring. Aircell has just launched its US in-flight wi-fi service called "gogo" and they claim it will be available in the first half of 2008. Virgin America and… » 3/13/08 4:05pm 3/13/08 4:05pm