Flooding, Anti-Vaxxers, Museums: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

Flooding in Pakistan has stranded hundreds of thousands of people, an anti-vaccination movement trending in L.A.'s most affluent neighborhoods is causing a whooping cough epidemic, and one broken air conditioner could destroy Rome's most priceless art. Hope you're comfortable, this week's What's Ruining Our Cities is… »9/14/14 3:00pm9/14/14 3:00pm

Pea-Sized Gel Implant Could Eliminate Vaccine Booster Shots

Anyone who has prepared for international travel, or reared a baby, knows the hassle of staying on schedule through multiple courses of vaccinations. It'd be way easier if those required boosters came in pill form, but that's just not how vaccines work. Or it wasn't, until researchers came up with a tiny implant that… »11/27/13 8:00pm11/27/13 8:00pm

Tiny Pin-Cushions Made of Sugar Are The Sweetest, Cheapest Way To Get Vaccinated

Even if it means protection from dangerous, even fatal diseases, having a needle jabbed into your skin and liquid sickness squirted into your flesh is no fun for anyone. There are other needleless injection solutions out there, but a new microneedle array made completely out of dried sugar promises to make… »2/08/13 12:40pm2/08/13 12:40pm

Soon, Your Vaccinations Will Be Arriving Via Email

Craig Venter, the über-DNA jockey who quietly sequenced the human genome using his own DNA, then made "synthetic life" by outfitting a gutted bacterium with homemade genes, says his next trick will be emailing biological molecules, using 3D biological printers. The move that could revolutionise healthcare - and… »10/22/12 8:16am10/22/12 8:16am