Scientists Are Making a Vaccine for Alcoholism That Will Give You…

Though most borderline alcoholics don't need an anti-fun vaccine for alcoholism, those that drink a little too much could probably use the world's first vaccine for alcoholism. Made by Scientists in Chile, the vaccine "works" by screwing over people who drink. Seriously, once you pump yourself with the juice, you'll… » 1/25/13 7:20pm 1/25/13 7:20pm

Soon, Your Vaccinations Will Be Arriving Via Email

Craig Venter, the über-DNA jockey who quietly sequenced the human genome using his own DNA, then made "synthetic life" by outfitting a gutted bacterium with homemade genes, says his next trick will be emailing biological molecules, using 3D biological printers. The move that could revolutionise healthcare - and… » 10/22/12 8:16am 10/22/12 8:16am

This 90 Percent Successful Vaccine May Be Our Best Chance to Eradicate…

Spanish researchers have completed the first human trial of a new vaccine against HIV. It has been successful in 90% of the HIV-free volunteers during phase I testing. This vaccine brings great hope to eradicate this plague forever.

The team lead by Dr Mariano Esteban, a researcher at the Spanish National Research… » 9/28/11 4:15pm 9/28/11 4:15pm

Implanted Microchip Will Monitor Your Health, Deliver Drugs From Under…

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with a chronic illness, such as diabetes or lupus, is the need to test your body constantly to make sure you're healthy. MicroCHIPS is looking to alleviate that with a new device that's implanted under the skin of a patient. The “chip,” about the size of a dime, senses… » 10/21/08 10:45pm 10/21/08 10:45pm

Ultimate Flu Vaccine to Give You One Less Excuse for Missing Work

Remember the bird flu epidemic that was supposed to be killing us all off around now? The one the local news had you terrified of before they made you terrified of spinach and Taco Bell? Well, not only was that all hype, but scientists have developed the "holy grail" of flu vaccines, permanently protecting against… » 1/02/07 12:43pm 1/02/07 12:43pm