Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum Review: Small, Sure, But It's All About How…

We live in an age of robot cleaners scouring our floors for us with virtually no intervention. It takes a special vacuum cleaner to make you want to go back to using your arms again. But the DC44 Digital Slim vacuum is worth a look if you're considering a Roomba—because this vacuum might actually be a better solution. » 9/17/12 4:20pm 9/17/12 4:20pm

Concept Puppy Vacuum Cleaner Is Absolutely Adorable

This vacuum cleaner concept from Hyun-Seok Kim utilizes 4 robotic "puppies" as the vacuum cleaners, they run around the house and clean up everything they can get their clean paws on. The base station is designed as a "mommy dog", as it re-charges the puppies with power and gives them enough energy for the puppies to do it … » 5/04/11 7:20pm 5/04/11 7:20pm

A Surefire Way to Ensure Cats Keep Off Roombas—For Life

Roomba-riding cats are a real problem to society. Costing the taxpayer MILLIONS each year in emergency room visits, carpets are looking a right old state, with humans too scared to turn their robot vacuums on. Enter the cat-ejection Roomba add-on. » 11/10/10 7:20am 11/10/10 7:20am