Cheap Camcorder Showdown: Creative Vado Vs. Flip Ultra (Vado Looks Better, Flip Shoots Better)

On paper, Creative's Vado might outclass and out-spec the wildly successful Flip Ultra camcorder it very liberally (like crazy, PETA liberal) takes its cues from, but what about in the real world? Laptop Mag tosses 'em together and finds that while the Vado outpaces the older Flip most respects—it's cheaper, slimmer,… »5/23/08 5:30pm5/23/08 5:30pm

Creative Vado Official, Way Better Looking Than Flip

Creative today confirmed the existence of the Vado camcorder, one with specs almost exactly identical to the popular Flip, with VGA vid resolution and 2GB of internal flash memory for two hours of film, plus a $100 price tag. It works as a USB drive, but if you want, the optional software will give you instant YouTube… »5/13/08 12:43pm5/13/08 12:43pm

Creative Clones the Flip Camcorder: Why the Hell Are They Calling It Vado?

The most impressive thing about the ultra-basic Flip camcorder (to me anyway) is that it's managed to steal 13 percent of the camcorder market. Creative is hoping to bottle some of that magic with a $100 Flip clone called Vado (which sounds more like a failed Star Wars character than a cheapo camcorder). The leaked… »5/05/08 6:07pm5/05/08 6:07pm