VAF Octavio 1: A Luxury Zune Dock Worth its Price

The lucky folks at Zune Scene have gotten their hands on what could possibly be the best-looking Zune accessory out there, the VAF Octavio 1. The Octavio 1 is basically a stereo dock for your Zune, much like the Hi-Fi is for your iPod. The difference here is style. The Octavio 1 is oozing with it. The 52-pound dock… » 2/16/07 10:35am 2/16/07 10:35am

Octavio Makes Your Zune Sing with Style

It's only been a few days since we brought you the first Zune review and a look at its accessories and now we bring you the Zune's first hi-fi dock. VAF's Octavio 1 is a 100-watt system with a Zune cradle nestled up top. Looks-wise, it's what the Apple Hi-Fi should have been and more complimenting your Zune in an… » 11/06/06 12:08pm 11/06/06 12:08pm