Sony Outfits Vaio Z and Y Series Laptops as MiFis

It's not just phones that can act as personal hotspots anymore. Sony's Vaio Z and Y series laptops will soon start shipping with Share My Connection (SMC), which turns your notebook into a MiFi for up to five devices. » 6/17/10 11:01am 6/17/10 11:01am

Sony's F-, Y-, and Z-Series Notebooks Boast Multimedia Goodness

Sony is beefing up their VAIO line with three new notebooks, the F-, Y- and W-Series, and is refreshing their VAIO Z-Series. The four new models are available with Blu-ray drives as well as Sony's Transfer Jet technology. » 1/06/10 8:15pm 1/06/10 8:15pm