Heart MP3 Players Lock Together With a Kiss, Lock Us Over Sickbag

These MP3 players grab on to every single lovey-dovey Valentine's cliché: a separable pair of players for you and your other half, that look like kissing lovers when they're stuck together in a cutesy heart shape. We don't know where you can buy them, but we do know they've got touch controls, have 1GB memory each,… » 2/07/08 7:22am 2/07/08 7:22am

Amore Bay Is Most Hideous Hot Tub Ever Created

This is $20,000 of love-themed hot tub, the Walker Signature Special Edition. Special features include seating for six, tacky red hearts, fountains, Valentine-red colors, a "playground area" (ooer) and MP3-ready stereo. Our ideal use for this tasteless tub is in the video after the jump. [Born Rich and Dimension One… » 1/28/08 8:30am 1/28/08 8:30am