A Brief History of Google's Valentine's Day Doodles

Ah, the Google Doodle. Here for your Pac-Man enjoyment, sure, but also to remind you of your crippling loneliness as you click "I'm Feeling Lucky" over and over in hopes of finding a highly relevant soulmate. Mashable takes a walk back through every Valentine's Day Doodle from 2000 onward. » 2/14/11 1:40pm 2/14/11 1:40pm

Giz and Fleshbot's Valentine's Sex Gadget Gift Guide (NSFW)

Valentine's Day is but a few days away—and if you're anything like us, you probably haven't even begun to think about buying a present for your loved (or lusted after) one. Here's help. » 2/11/09 1:00pm 2/11/09 1:00pm

Heart MP3 Players Lock Together With a Kiss, Lock Us Over Sickbag

These MP3 players grab on to every single lovey-dovey Valentine's cliché: a separable pair of players for you and your other half, that look like kissing lovers when they're stuck together in a cutesy heart shape. We don't know where you can buy them, but we do know they've got touch controls, have 1GB memory each, cost … » 2/07/08 7:22am 2/07/08 7:22am

Ego's Love Edition Laptop For the Geek in Your Life

Valentine's Day is just a few days away so if you don't have plans for your significant other, Tulip Ego has your back with their special Love Edition laptop. The notebook is clad in leather and its silver heart pendant can be engraved with any message you like, but other than that, pricing and features are… » 2/09/07 7:18pm 2/09/07 7:18pm