Monster Slays Vampire Power with New Power Strips, Slays Wallets Too

Monster »9/03/08 3:47am9/03/08 3:47am, usually better known for cabling, is now tackling powering your gadgets in an eco-friendly manner with a new range of standby-killing power strips. The Digital Life Power Center Green Power versions being the first of two lines, aimed at connecting your computer gear up: when you turn off the computer, all…


Rohm Circuit Kills Vampire Power, Pulls No Electricity On Standby

Japanese semiconductor maker Rohm is looking to vanquish vampire power, the energy wasted by tech on stand-by, with its new LSI circuits. The circuits consume no electricity even when in stand-by mode, allowing for a quick power up without the power drain. Considering that roughly 10% of a house's energy bill goes to… »5/10/08 5:00pm5/10/08 5:00pm