Real 19th Century Vampire Killing Kit Is a Must In Current Economic Climate

Sold at an auction for $14,850, this 100% authentic vampire kit made circa 1800 is an absolute steal, specially compared to this $12,000 kit which is from a later date and has fewer apparatus. I mean, can you really put a price to the ability to battle vampires like Kiefer Sutherland, Dick Cheney and Bono? I say no.… »11/16/08 11:42am11/16/08 11:42am

Military Developing Blood Farming Machine, Zombie Apocalypse Coming Soon

This looks like the beginning of a George Romero's film, but it's real. It seems like one of the US Army's X-Files technologies »11/14/08 10:30am11/14/08 10:30am is coming to us sooner than most skeptics expected: DARPA is developing a portable blood farming system that could infinitely produce universal donor red cells from umbilical cord blood,…