Connected States:  Living Out of a Van in the Badlands

There’s something magical about traveling alone. Yes, there are more risks involved, but it pays dividends in nimbleness. Eventually, though, you get tired of talking to yourself (or your GoPro), you have trouble following your audiobook, and you’ve been through all of your pre-downloaded music. Having an ally on your… »8/25/15 5:20pm8/25/15 5:20pm

Terrifying van ride up the Himalayas would scare the life out of me

So like... Uhh... Yeah... Oh my... this is just the van ride up to the Himalayas. As in, this scariness is only the beginning of something even scarier (that would be climbing the damn thing). Mick Fowler shot this video of his van driving up the mountain and it's so close to the edge of the cliff—we're talking inches… »11/18/13 9:08pm11/18/13 9:08pm

How the hell did they cram an aircraft engine inside this van?

This rather nondescript van is being powered by something much more beastly than your usual pistons: an actual airplane turbine engine. Seriously, over in Russia they crammed a real gas turbine engine inside this van (it fills up the whole van, basically) with gigantic hoses, an humongous fuel tank and a sweet control… »11/14/13 8:33pm11/14/13 8:33pm