An Indestructible Marker Keeps You Vandalizing Through the Apocalypse

Just because the world as we know it has come to an end doesn't mean that people won't want to read an amusing limerick written on a bathroom stall. And for just $8, this Pocket Shark Tactical Marker is guaranteed to survive almost anything—from a Mad Max-style dystopia, to even a zombie uprising. Let's see your… »10/25/13 4:20pm10/25/13 4:20pm

Verizon Sues Dastardly Californian Fiber-Optic Cable Slicers

The investigation to find the vandals who cut all those fiber-optic cables in the Bay Area is still ongoing, but Verizon has stepped up and sued 100 unnamed suspects for the crime. We don't have any updates on what kind of damages they're seeking, or what the motivation might have been for causing the massive outage… »4/17/09 12:45am4/17/09 12:45am