This Robot Performs Less Intrusive Brain Surgery Through Your Cheek

The thought of a robot burrowing its way through your cheek to access your brain certainly sounds unsettling. But for conditions that require access to areas like the hippocampus located on the underside, it's actually far less invasive than cutting open the skull on top and having to drill through the entire brain to… »10/17/14 8:22am10/17/14 8:22am

How Vanderbilt's Secret Software Lab Is Saving America

On a quiet street just off of Nashville's historic Music Row, a dedicated team of more than 100 researchers are developing software systems that may very well revolutionize the modern world. From cutting edge cyber-security tech designed to defend America's most critical networks to computer-learning algorithms that… »1/10/14 3:40pm1/10/14 3:40pm

Got Blood on the Brain? Shove This Clot Buster Up Your Nose

The odds of suffering an intracerebral (IC) hemorrhage during your lifetime (1 in 50) are almost as terrifying as the as the chances are that it will kill you (4 in 10) if it does happen. IC hemorrhages (and the edemas, or clots, they produce) account for 11 percent of all strokes, and are far more likely to severely… »8/14/13 11:30am8/14/13 11:30am