+336+ Mirror Displays Your SMS Alongside Your Utter Sad-Sackness

This is the +336+ Mirror. More than just a concept (maaan) it is an idea-made-flesh for those 20 people in the world stupid enough—and rich enough—to shell out $10,000 for a looking glass that can display text messages sent from a cellphone. So either this is the least mobile mobile phone (albeit one without the… » 7/23/07 6:27am 7/23/07 6:27am

Apple Blocks MySpace From All Their Stores

Apple is sick and tired of people coming into their stores and hogging their computers for hours at a time while they waste time on MySpace. Apparently people have taken to coming in, taking pictures of themselves with PhotoBooth (the filters are so funny!!!), and uploading them to their profiles. In response, MySpace… » 5/28/07 11:03am 5/28/07 11:03am