Facade Vase: Recycle Your Water Bottles as Flower-Holders

The Facade Vase from Orcadesign is a wool slip-on cover that lets you turn an unwanted plastic bottle into a minimalist vase. It's a design that will clearly please eco-friendly types and cheapskates too. We can see the conversations now: "Here you go, honey, I've got you a flower and (glug, glug) a vase!"... "Oh, you… »3/12/08 12:00pm3/12/08 12:00pm

Design Competition Brings Artistic Elegance to Cellphone Concepts

Those arty chaps at the Royal College of Art have created some great looking mobile phone concepts. The designs were put together for a competition that was sponsored by the cellular network 3. The runners-up included the Vase phone, which begins as an empty "vessel," but has features added to it gradually, according… »2/02/08 9:00pm2/02/08 9:00pm