Sleek Vega Tablet with Android 2.0, Touchscreen, and 3G Arrives Next…

I'm psyched to see Android moving into tablets. Some of the first will be from Innovative Converged Devices (ICD), who say their Tegra-powered 7-, 11-, and 15-inch tablets will arrive through "tier one" carriers in the first half of 2010. » 11/13/09 7:36am 11/13/09 7:36am

ESA Reveals Next-Gen Reentry Pod, Makes NASA's Plans Look Kinda Low-Tech

This is ESA's video unveiling of its Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle, a test-bed for a next-generation reentry pod. The IXV is due to rocket aloft on Europe's new small Vega launcher in 2012 and test out a range of systems for a "proper" future vehicle. Ditching the simplicity and limitations of the now old-fashioned… » 11/05/08 2:45pm 11/05/08 2:45pm

Microworks Vega: 20.1 Inches of Laptop Gigantism

When only the best and most outrageously-equipped laptop will do, check out the Microworks Vega with a 20.1 inch screen and the latest AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 CPU. Besides its absurdly large screen, you can equip it with just about anything available on notebooks, including a Blu-ray burner, EV-DO, GPS, a TV tuner, a… » 12/21/06 10:24am 12/21/06 10:24am