Skip The Kerosene With These Smartphone Controlled LED Lanterns

Continued advances in the connected home are slowly paving the way for a day when we never have to get up off the couch. That day isn't here yet, though, so we still need to make the occasional trip to the bathroom. Which makes this Bluetooth-controlled LED lantern—called the Vela—the perfect interim device. It can… » 12/11/13 2:20pm 12/11/13 2:20pm

Did NASA Discover an Awesome Spaceship or Is This Pulsar Just Happy to See Us?

NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory has captured this incredible image of an object 1,000 light years away from Earth. It looks like an awesome Klingon spaceship accelerating to Warp 10. Or a majestic 12-mile-long Cylon Basestar that flies through the cosmos rotating eleven times every second. » 2/14/13 2:38pm 2/14/13 2:38pm