Velcro: The Accidental and Physically Painful History

Lifejackets, wall fixtures, Nerf guns, orthopedic shoes: all things that make life just that much better and all things that rely on the magical properties of velcro hook and loop fastening systems. Which you might know by the more ubiquitous brand name, Velcro®. Because when you call something "Velcro," you're… » 6/06/13 5:20pm 6/06/13 5:20pm

I Survived a Japanese Game Show: Shooting Balls, Breaking Faces

This week's over-the-top I Survived... challenges didn't have as much gadgety goodness as usual, but were strangely satisfying nonetheless. First, Velcro-clad contestants were dangled in front of of a teammate, who would try to pass them Velcro balls to catch. The objective was for the dangler, manipulated by two… » 7/23/08 9:52pm 7/23/08 9:52pm

Gecko Tape Could Mean Spider-Man Climbing Suits

A new material relies on millions of tiny plastic fibers that can grip solids as the fabric slides across them, then quickly release those objects when pulled away vertically. The technology is based on the anatomy of a spider's gecko's foot, and may be used for things like hanging art on a wall, or wrapping a broken… » 2/04/08 6:45pm 2/04/08 6:45pm

Velcro 2.0 Can Support 8x More Weight Than Current Version

You'd think an invention like Velcro couldn't be redesigned, but don't tell that to Leonard Duffy. The 66-year-old architect has created a new Velcro he dubs "slidingly engaging fasteners." The fasteners don't make that tearing noise when you unfasten them, they don't wear down, and they can support 8x more weight… » 5/18/07 9:30am 5/18/07 9:30am