This Coin-Operated Radio Was Like a Vending Machine For Your Ears

Back in the 1920s, it seemed everything was becoming coin-operated. All over the U.S., you could find coin-operated weighing machines at railroad stations; coin-operated vending machines were chock full of candy, cigarettes and other tasty treats; and the automatic coin-operated shoe shine machine was even… »7/02/13 5:24pm7/02/13 5:24pm

Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine, or Goodbye Kitty

Laydeez an' gennulmen, I bring you the passive-agressive anger-release machine, an interactive sculpture by Yarisal and Kublitz. It's pretty self-explanatory—a vending machine that smashes smashables for you, although I'm not sure it gives you the same satisfaction that you get from chucking china at the floor. I… »6/10/08 5:35am6/10/08 5:35am

Cigarette Machine to Teens: "Get Outta Here Ya Damn Kids!"

Listen up, Japanese teens: vending machine maker Fujitaka Co. is on to your sneaky cigarette-buying ways, and has created a machine that uses a camera and face recognition software to try and stop you. The machine takes your picture when you press the "Adult Recognition" button, and analyzes your face for wrinkles and… »11/05/07 6:00pm11/05/07 6:00pm