This 45-Story Slum Could Finally Become a Finished Skyscraper

There is perhaps no unfinished skyscraper more infamous than Torre de David, a 45-story shell of a building that has informally housed about 5,000 Venezuelans since 2007. Now the property that has become known as the world's tallest slum is being acquired by Chinese investors, and this week, the government began… »7/23/14 4:34pm7/23/14 4:34pm


Venezuelan anti-government protesters are cobbling together home-brew gas masks from just about anyt

Venezuelan anti-government protesters are cobbling together home-brew gas masks from just about anything they can find—including empty water bottles packed with cloth, stuffed into larger water bottles—to defend against tear gas attacks from their nation's riot police as clashes between the two sides grow more violent… »2/28/14 11:17am2/28/14 11:17am

The Mobile App Driving Venezuela's Anti-Government Protests

Zello is a walkie-talkie app made by a small company based in Austin, Texas—but if you've heard of it, it's probably because you've been following the news in Venezuela or Ukraine. Some of its biggest users are protesters taking to the streets. The app's creators hadn't planned on getting involved in political… »2/25/14 12:20pm2/25/14 12:20pm

Rare Video From Inside a 45-Story Venezuelan Slum

Torre de David is a 45-story, partially-finished office tower that houses a vibrant community of squatters in Caracas. It’s also an internationally-known symbol of Venezuela’s economic troubles, to which the The New Yorker and The New York Times have both devoted long profiles. But there hasn’t been much video… »8/02/13 5:18pm8/02/13 5:18pm

Squatters Live in a 45-Story Skyscraper with No Elevator. They Have DirecTV Though

Squatters in Venezuela have found a home in an unfinished 45-story skyscraper in Venezuela. They call their home the "Tower of David", after the financier who tried to build it in the '90s. People live up to the 28th floor in the elevator-less building and have jury-rigged electricity and water to every inhabited… »3/05/11 9:00pm3/05/11 9:00pm