7 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake

Hundreds of images flash in front of our eyes each week as we navigate this strange machine we call the internet. But sometimes those images are lying to us. The following lies are culled from the bits and bytes that came through the tubes over the past few weeks. » 3/03/15 1:15pm 3/03/15 1:15pm

Boston's Thinking of Building Canals Like Venice Because Climate Change

Imagine taking a scenic gondola tour through Boston's historic Back Bay as Red Sox fans saunter towards Fenway over arched bridges. Not far away, the Charles River Basin is padded by wetlands that soak up the rising sea water. This surreal scene, a sort of Venice in New England, could be the reality in a few years. » 10/28/14 5:23pm 10/28/14 5:23pm

Transit Strikes and Corruption: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

Another crippling transit strike for San Francisco! A mayor stealing the money that Venice should be using to save itself from flooding! It's a depressing look at What's Ruining Our Cities. » 6/07/14 5:00pm 6/07/14 5:00pm

The Most Haunted Place In The World Is For Sale

Like ghosts? Then you'll love Poveglia, a small, deserted island in the Venetian lagoon that's going on the auction block next month. It's been called "the island of madness," "Hell," and "the most haunted place on Earth." You'd just love it to pieces. » 4/15/14 6:00pm 4/15/14 6:00pm

Tour the Canals of Venice with Google Street View

Taking a vacation to Venice can be a real pain in the ass. Tourists flock to the watery city like like fire ants on a fallen sandwich. Every restaurant is overpriced. The place floods all the time. But you can now avoid all those annoyances thanks to Google Street View. » 11/14/13 10:15am 11/14/13 10:15am

Nine Timeless Monuments Photobombed By the Modern Era

They may not be as adorable as a baby sloth, but these nine examples of new tech invading old come from our friends at Oobject. » 4/13/12 9:00pm 4/13/12 9:00pm

Japanese Digitally-Counted Breast Bounce Contest: NSFW and Proof Why We…

Chen and Om like the Venice Project video service's concept: Use a P2P system to support bigger, faster, higher quality downloads. Here's proof why we need this, like, yesterday. » 12/21/06 9:49pm 12/21/06 9:49pm

Venice Project Hands On: This Is Going To Kill YouTube

The guys who brought you KaZaA and Skype are at it again, and their upcoming Venice Project Peer to Peer streaming will show YouTube how video is really done. Just like KaZaA was a disruptive force in music sharing, and Skype was a disruptive force for phone calls, the Venice Project will kill current online video… » 12/21/06 9:00pm 12/21/06 9:00pm