Verifone Sail Wants to Make the Square Card Reader Irrelevant

Verifone is a company which many people probably don't know buy name, but use on a regular basis: a large number of credit card terminals you swipe away at everyday are powered by Verifone technology. Then Square popped up few years ago, turning any iPhone or Android device into a credit card terminal, gaining public… »5/07/12 3:00pm5/07/12 3:00pm


Google Bringing Thousands of NFC-Ready Cash Registers to NYC and SF

According to Bloomberg, Google's gonna get this NFC thing on and poppin' by funding the installation of thousands of NFC-ready cash registers at various retail locations around New York City and San Francisco. Google, whose Nexus S is one of the first NFC-ready handsets stateside, is backing a payment system developed… »3/15/11 9:09am3/15/11 9:09am

As Groupon Gets More Popular, Businesses Need a Better Way of Processing Coupons

It's something you may've noticed cashiers fumbling with in the past—those paper print-outs you hand them when buying your cheap burrito/manicure/American Apparel leotard. So it's understandable that Verifone wants to work with Groupon and retailers, making dedicated Groupon buttons for cash registers. [BusinessWeek »3/09/11 9:34am3/09/11 9:34am