BlackBerry Storm Review (Verdict: Not Quite a Perfect Storm)

It's hard to overstate how important the BlackBerry Storm is to RIM and Verizon. It's RIM's bold effort to fend off the iPhone and Verizon's best hope for a star handset that draws people in, or at least keeps them from bailing. The Storm's major innovation is what RIM calls SurePress—the entire touchscreen is fat,… » 11/20/08 12:01am 11/20/08 12:01am

The Verizon BlackBerry Storm Hopes You Like Red

There's sure been a lot of talk about the Verizon BlackBerry Storm » 9/29/08 10:17am 9/29/08 10:17am, but since a picture is worth 1000 words...uhh, I guess this picture means there's about the Verizon BlackBerry Storm. A leaked press photo from the CrackBerry forums, that red gives us a not-so-migraine-free reminder of that one time we played the…