Verizon May Kill Its Unlimited Data Plans Just Like AT&T

It's almost no surprise that there are rumors of Verizon killing its unlimited data plan offerings after AT&T dropped its own unlimited plans. There's not much information just yet, but it sounds like Verizon will be switching to some sort of limited, tiered data plans at the end of the month. [Engadget] » 7/20/10 7:33pm 7/20/10 7:33pm

More Information on Verizon's Alleged Mandatory Data Plan

Boy Genius Report is claiming they have acquired the original two-page document that was leaked earlier concerning a rumor » 11/13/08 10:00pm 11/13/08 10:00pm that Verizon could require a $30 data plan for all new smartphones starting November 14th. Except for Government customers, this change would affect all Verizon customers. In addition, in 2009,…