Verizon's Making Their Own Android App Store, and That Makes Google…

Some have applauded Android's "come one come all" app philosophy; others think it's left the Android Market a mess. Now, Verizon's looking to clean things with a closed, competing Android app store of their own. So why isn't Google fuming? » 9/14/10 10:40am 9/14/10 10:40am

YouTube Poised to Invade Your V Cast Phone, MCE PC

It's not often us Verizon customers get good news (or good phones for that matter), but the boys in red have been schmoozing it up with the folks at YouTube in an attempt to bring Verizon V Cast customers access to YouTube's massive catalog of videos. The deal, which smells of an exclusive, would also give Verizon an… » 11/07/06 10:48am 11/07/06 10:48am