Verizon's LTE Cellphones Won't Work On AT&T's Network

And that could be vice versa too, with Verizon Wireless stating that their phones won't "be compatible on other LTE networks in the US," owing to their "different frequencies." That may sound strange as both Verizon and AT&T use the 700MHz band, but there's little cross-over apparently, with Verizon using the 746-787MHz… » 7/15/11 10:11am 7/15/11 10:11am

You'll be Able to Grab Motorola's Droid X2 From Verizon on May 26th

Pretty much everything about the Droid X2 has leaked already, save for the date of launch. Internal Verizon documents are claiming it'll be May 26th, though it'll start showing up around May 19th via direct fulfillment. » 5/17/11 5:20am 5/17/11 5:20am

Apple to Start Sending iOS Updates Over-the-Air by End of Year?

Apple's said to be exploring sending out over-the-air updates for iPhones, starting with the iOS 5 update in fall. Verizon is working closely with Apple, which as you probably know normally relies on updates over iTunes, suggesting that the Verizon iPhone will probably receive the iOS 5 update OTA before AT&T customers… » 5/05/11 6:10am 5/05/11 6:10am

Rumor: Verizon Tiered Data Plans Start October 28th

We've known for a while that Verizon's tiered data pricing was coming soon, but now we've got a supposed date when you can kiss the unlimited data buffet goodbye: October 28th. But all's not lost for smartphone owners. » 10/18/10 4:13pm 10/18/10 4:13pm

Windows Phone 7 Not Arriving On Sprint and Verizon Until Next Year

Verizon's already told Bloomberg not to expect WP7 devices until next year, but now CNET has heard from Microsoft that it will only be sold on GSM networks this year—with CDMA expected "in the first half of 2011" according to their senior product manager, Greg Sullivan. [CNET] » 9/17/10 8:16am 9/17/10 8:16am