Changing the lightbulb on a 1500-foot tower is breathtakingly terrifying

My pores on the palms of my hands are shaking. My caps on my knees are sweating. I'm having trouble breathing. And it's all because of this slightly terrifying video showing a tower climber climbing atop a 1500-foot TV tower to change the lightbulb like it's a leisurely walk in the park. »1/05/15 11:04pm1/05/15 11:04pm


Touring the Umeda Sky Building and Riding the World's Highest Escalators

My last stop in Osaka before leaving for Kyoto was the Umeda Sky Building, which is actually two 40-story skyscrapers that just happen to be connected by the world's highest escalators. Two of them, in fact, which cross between the two buildings over 550 feet of clear space. Initially, there were supposed to be four… »10/17/07 11:00am10/17/07 11:00am

Wall-mountable Fireplace Heats Up Your Living Room

Feels like everyone's mounting their flat panels on their walls these days, so what better way to one-up your neighbor than with this wall-mountable fireplace. The fireplace's creators (West Country Fires) claim it automatically cleans up after itself so you don't have to worry about any harmful gases filling up your… »11/15/06 6:50pm11/15/06 6:50pm