Changing the lightbulb on a 1500-foot tower is breathtakingly terrifying

My pores on the palms of my hands are shaking. My caps on my knees are sweating. I'm having trouble breathing. And it's all because of this slightly terrifying video showing a tower climber climbing atop a 1500-foot TV tower to change the lightbulb like it's a leisurely walk in the park. » 1/05/15 11:04pm 1/05/15 11:04pm

This ski jump makes me feel my stomach drop every single time

I know he has a parachute, but whatever. Every time he goes down the slope and I see the snow ending abruptly, I feel my stomach drop every single time. » 5/05/14 10:15pm 5/05/14 10:15pm

Insane video: Guy walks slackline over 200-foot pit

Flaviu Cernescu is a daredevil who likes to walk slacklines and tightropes, as well as driving his monocycle on the craziest high places. This video shows one of his fearless antics over a 200-foot-deep reservoir drain in Lake Iovanu, Romania. I feel like passing out every time I look at it. » 2/24/14 9:04pm 2/24/14 9:04pm

These GIFs Might Actually Make You Sick

I'd trade a good friend for a decent GIF, and these animated blasts through San Francisco are no exception. They might, however, make you puke. Don't click these if you're nursing a hangover today. » 7/15/12 4:00pm 7/15/12 4:00pm

There Is a House Sprouting From Atop This 7-Story Building

Fallen Star, a cottage built from scratch and permanently joined to an existing building on the campus of UC San Diego, is the latest piece of work from South Korean installation artist Do Ho Suh. » 6/06/12 7:40pm 6/06/12 7:40pm

Helmet Cam Footage Shows What It's Like To Repair a Broadcast Tower

Do you ever wonder just how paralyzingly scary it is at the top of a 1,700 foot broadcast tower? Where you're closer to the clouds than you are to the ground? Let this guy do the climbing. [Neatorama] » 9/15/10 9:40am 9/15/10 9:40am

The View From the Top of Kiev's Moscow Bridge Dares You Not To Get…

What you see here says a lot about you: A man, contemplating his failures? A construction worker enjoying his lunch? A lucky bastard, about to launch down the most amazing zipline on the planet? » 12/28/09 6:25pm 12/28/09 6:25pm

This Video From the Tip Top of the Burj Dubai Makes Me Sick to My…

Hold me, I feel like puking after watching this video from the top of the Burj Dubai, the tallest man-made point on earth. The shaking? That's because the tower's wobbling. Vertigo, uggghhhhh. [YouTube via Skyscraper Forums via Mahoney's Playground] » 11/13/09 3:59pm 11/13/09 3:59pm

Inferno Speaker Blaster Makes you Vomit

Inferno is a "sonic barrier," a long metallic speakerbar that generates a sound made of four frequencies between 2 and 5 kilohertz. The sound itself is 125dB, which is the typical sound made by an alarm, but according to Danger Room's Sharon Weinberger, it's "the most unbearable, gut-wrenching noise I've ever heard in… » 2/13/08 1:54pm 2/13/08 1:54pm

Touring the Umeda Sky Building and Riding the World's Highest Escalators

My last stop in Osaka before leaving for Kyoto was the Umeda Sky Building, which is actually two 40-story skyscrapers that just happen to be connected by the world's highest escalators. Two of them, in fact, which cross between the two buildings over 550 feet of clear space. Initially, there were supposed to be four… » 10/17/07 11:00am 10/17/07 11:00am

Wall-mountable Fireplace Heats Up Your Living Room

Feels like everyone's mounting their flat panels on their walls these days, so what better way to one-up your neighbor than with this wall-mountable fireplace. The fireplace's creators (West Country Fires) claim it automatically cleans up after itself so you don't have to worry about any harmful gases filling up your… » 11/15/06 6:50pm 11/15/06 6:50pm