Vertu's New Android: Handmade in England, Dog Ugly and $10,000

Vertu, the purveyors of luxury cell phones, has announced its latest waste of money. Called the Ti, it's handmade in England and can be yours for the princely sum of $10,000. » 2/12/13 5:34am 2/12/13 5:34am

You Won't Believe How Much This USB Cable Costs

I've long been over the ridiculously overpriced-ness of idiotic Vertu phones. 300 grand for a dumbphone? Whatever, the stupid rich who spend that stupidly are beyond saving anyway. But Vertu has hit a new low (or high?) with this one: a $190 Vertu USB cable. » 1/03/12 9:15am 1/03/12 9:15am

Remind Others of Your Wealth With The Vertu V Collection

So you've spent a few grand on a Vertu phone, but need something else to illustrate just how much of a high roller you are. Would a matching Vertu pen, Bluetooth headset and memory card reader do the job? » 12/11/09 8:20am 12/11/09 8:20am

Martin Cooper, Cellphone Inventor, Seen In Front of Vertu Store

Late last night we passed by Martin Cooper, inventor of the mobile phone, in front of the Vertu store at the Wynn. Yes, that Vertu, the makers of the $310,000 cellphone. » 1/09/09 1:30pm 1/09/09 1:30pm

Stephen Colbert Replaces His $310,000 Vertu with Something Better

Times are tough, friends. And even wealthy conservative mouthpiece Stephen Colbert has to cut back on his gadget spending habits. Needless to say, the guy is still doing alright; he continues to dial numbers that most of us haven't even dreamed about. We also hear that he smells of peppermint and lilacs at distances… » 10/24/08 9:40am 10/24/08 9:40am

$15 Vertu Lookalike MP3 Player Plays Tunes Which The Vertu Can't

I'll admit this is a teeny bit tenuous, since the Hacha PF02 is only an MP3 player whilr the Vertu Signature is a fully-fledged and bejeweled cellphone...but you have to admit the lookalike-ness is pretty amusing. And the fact that a $15 naff screenless MP3 player with 2GB of storage, USB 2 connectivity and MP3, WMA… » 10/21/08 10:15am 10/21/08 10:15am

$6100 Croc-Skinned Tag Heuer Meridiist Phone: Nothing But a Pretty Face

Watchmaker Tag Heuer today announced its Vertu wannabe, the Meridiist. Like others in its class, its high price doesn't seem to justify the goods, unless you count a choice of crocodile, leather or rubber, a sapphire crystal main screen and a famous name. The specs are almost entirely unimpressive: 1.9" QVGA main… » 4/08/08 1:20pm 4/08/08 1:20pm

Vertu's 10th Anniversary Monogram Constellation Cellphones

Nokia's luxury subsidiary Vertu is celebrating 10 years of selling over-designed, under-featured, overpriced cellphones with a new collection of over-designed, under-featured, overpriced cellphones called the Monogram Constellation. Soon to reach your nearest Louis Vuitton shop in Chinatown, these models have the V… » 3/13/08 9:30am 3/13/08 9:30am

P-Per Cellphone Concept is too Perfect to be True

Those fellows at the Chocolate Design Agency have come up with another smashing concept. This time they have gone to work on creating the best phone, ever. The design is modeled around the same E-Paper Slap Bracelet we saw earlier, but this time the e-paper system—four layers of sustainable material, and an Organic… » 1/25/08 7:25am 1/25/08 7:25am

Vertu Sort of Announces 3G Ascent Ti Phone

The Ascent Ti, the next phone in Vertu's overly flashy line, received the dullest unveiling: an FCC filing. Good thing it had enough newness to make up for it. Looks like the Ti is going 3G with UMTS 2100, which means it won't work on our 3G in the States. It'll also have a 3 megapixel camera, a first for Vertu's… » 7/05/07 4:30pm 7/05/07 4:30pm

Vertu Ferrari 1947 Cellphone: If You Have to Ask the Price, You Can't…

Vertu, that overpriced cellphone company so beloved of celebrities and the uber-rich, has announced details of its latest mobile. The Vertu Ferrari 1947 (of which just 1,947 have been crafted—NOT made, you understand) has a scaled-down replica of the Ferrari gas brake pedal in aluminium (high-grade, natch) on the… » 3/28/07 9:36am 3/28/07 9:36am

Vertu Cobra $310,000 Cellphone: Features Justify The Price?

Work at Goldman Sachs and/or Morgan Stanley and have a couple extra hundred thousand/million dollars to spend? Then feast your eyes on the Vertu Signature Cobra. For a cool $310,000 you can purchase... a cellphone? Sure, the phone is decked out with precious gemstones (one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond two… » 12/21/06 10:30am 12/21/06 10:30am

Vertu Racetrack Legends, Final Lap

The Vertu Race Legends phones are an exclusive release within an already exclusive brand. Manufacturing only 1,000 of each phone, you can pass the phone down through the generations of your family. Think of it as a pocketwatch that won't be attractive or tell time...or do anything else. » 12/09/06 11:56am 12/09/06 11:56am

Jacob Jensen-fied Vertu Aerius Bluetooth Headset

We first heard word about a Bluetooth headset from Vertu last week. Some more details, along with a snazzy picture, showed up today and strangely it looks a lot like the Jabra JX10. Coincidentally, the Jabra JX10 and Vertu Aerius were both designed by famed artist, Jacob Jensen. » 8/29/06 2:28pm 8/29/06 2:28pm

Vertu Constellation Luxury Cellphone, Supposedly More Affordable

Vertu is going to launch a line of slightly more affordable "luxury" cellphones sometime this fall, giving them the name Constellation. Three different cellphones will be released under the Constellation moniker, one covered in 18 karat gold (pictured here), and the other two in polished and satin steel. Luxury, baby! » 8/25/06 1:18pm 8/25/06 1:18pm

FCC Gives Go Ahead for Vertu Phone

In today's episode of "What the FCC is Approving" starring Tony Danza and Betty White, we are greeted with the latest phone from luxury phone manufacturer, Vertu. This phone may be "luxury," but it doesn't seem that spectacular in my book. It is a candybar style phone with quad-band GSM support, EDGE, Bluetooth and… » 7/18/06 10:53am 7/18/06 10:53am

Vertu Ascent: Racetrack Legends Series

The thing about Vertu phones is that they're simultaneously elegant and tacky. The beauty of their designs and crafting is undeniable, but the ridiculously high price tag is what makes them seem so, well, cheap—everyone we know rich enough to buy one of these things without hesitation never would, because phones are… » 4/04/06 2:07pm 4/04/06 2:07pm

The Vertu Porsche Boxster Test

Vertu, maker of expensive phones, recently got some credibility handed to them it seems. The company is marketing their Ascent Motorsport Edition, which is an ultra-luxurious phone made with petroleum-resistant automotive leather inlaid with carbon fiber and Liquidmetal—you know, the stuff the future Terminator was… » 12/05/05 2:44pm 12/05/05 2:44pm

Vertu Channels Racecar For Phone

Now that so many cellphones are being targeted to women, luxury phone company Vertu decided to go back to its roots and make a manly phone. The Motorsport limited edition (only 997 phones available) takes its cues from the company's participation in the Porsche eMichelin Supercup and Porsche Infineon Carrera Cup… » 11/09/05 2:49pm 11/09/05 2:49pm

New Vertu- How the Other .0001% Call

The legitimate and undeniable coolness of some of British luxury cell phone maker Vertu's design innovations as well as their use of insanely fancy materials is made a non-issue for most of us by their equally insane price tag. But flourishing one of these big-ticket items (some models go for upwards of 10K) at a polo… » 9/23/05 12:25pm 9/23/05 12:25pm