Imagine Your Workstation Had This View of the Galaxy

Being an astronomer working at the Very Large Telescope is probably one of the best jobs in the world. Just look at the view this office has. It's full of stars! » 2/09/15 8:00pm 2/09/15 8:00pm

A Stunning Picture of the Very Large Telescope (Oh, and the Milky Way)

This stunning fisheye photograph shows the towering wonder of the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope—plus, you know, some galaxy called the Milky Way in the background, too. » 3/31/14 6:30am 3/31/14 6:30am

The VISTA Telescope Camera Can Grab 9 Gigapixels Worth of Stars

To produce stunning images of our galaxy like this, your rinky-dink smartphone camera just isn't going to cut it. No, to generate 9GP masterpieces, you'll need to use the world's largest infrared survey telescope outfitted with the world's largest infrared camera. » 10/25/12 11:31am 10/25/12 11:31am

Laser-Zapping Telescopes Have Never Looked So Amazing

We've showed you the Paranal Observatory's laser-guided telescopes before, but never in gorgeous HD motion, replete with clear stars and deftly swiveling machinery. This is definitely one you're going to want to watch fullscreen. » 2/19/12 6:30pm 2/19/12 6:30pm

These Linked Telescopes Are the Voltron of Astronomy

How do you create the world's largest virtual optical telescope and the most advanced visible-light astronomical observatory? Teamwork. The Very Large Telescope at the Paranal Observatory combines the visual prowess of four huge telescopes—for the first time ever—to mimic a 130-meter-wide mirror. » 2/09/12 11:30am 2/09/12 11:30am

This Laser Is Not Zapping Space Invaders

No, the astronomers at the European Southern Observatory are not playing a galactic-scale Space Invaders. They are just exciting atoms in the upper atmosphere, creating an artificial star 56 miles above the Earth. » 9/07/10 10:40am 9/07/10 10:40am

World's Fastest and Most Sensitive Astronomical Camera Shoots 1500…

Developed by British scientists for the VLT (very large telescope), the CCD200 detector is the world's fastest and most sensitive astronomical camera—capable of shooting an astonishing 1500 images per second. » 6/18/09 6:00pm 6/18/09 6:00pm

Move Over Hubble, There's a New Deep Field In Town

The Hubble space telescope, despite its foibles » 11/09/08 11:30am 11/09/08 11:30am, is perhaps best known for the humbling, amazing, and awesome image known as the (HUDF). The HUDF, assembled from 800 separate exposures, offered humans an incredible look back at the history of the universe (and no fewer than 10,000 galaxies). Well, another magnificent…