MSI Wind Box Converts Any VESA Monitor Into All-In-One Computer

MSI keeps racing with Asus. They have now released a new nettop called the Wind Box, but instead of taking the Wii-lookalike standalone approach of the Asus Eee Box, MSI has designed their slim, tiny black computer to attach to the back of any VESA-mountable monitor, effectively converting it into an all-in-one… »11/28/08 2:14pm11/28/08 2:14pm

Giz Explains: DisplayPort Set to Invade PC Monitors Everywhere

Click to viewAs if we needed another display standard, along comes DisplayPort, approved last year and just about to sally forth on graphics cards and monitors everywhere. WTF do we need another standard for, anyway? Bandwidth, that's why. DisplayPort (plug pictured above at left, next to a dual-link DVI connector)… »1/04/08 12:30pm1/04/08 12:30pm

VESA Approves DisplayPort 1.1 With Digital Content Protection, World Doesn't Give a Damn, Orders More Pancakes

Those crazy videoheads at VESA have approved the final version of DisplayPort 1.1 that was announced at CES '07. And while we thought it was yet another new connector for your computer, monitors, TVs and projectors, different to every other video port out there and obviously designed to confuse everyone, apparently… »4/04/07 6:58am4/04/07 6:58am