Explore the Deck of the Largest Floating Object Ever Created

No one knows quite what to call the Prelude, the floating behemoth that Shell engineered to extract natural gas from below the ocean floor and liquify it for use. It's hard to describe Prelude because it's so much bigger than any other floating structure humans have ever built—which is also what makes it difficult to… »11/01/14 6:09pm11/01/14 6:09pm


How Giant Ships Get Into the Ocean: A Shove and a Prayer

It would be so much easier if giant seafaring vessels could be built on the water. But that's impractical, silly! Which is why, instead, we build those humongous ships on dry land, get them as close to the water as we can, give 'em a shove and hope for the best. And by "the best," I mean "huge splashes and boats… »5/09/11 10:40pm5/09/11 10:40pm

Seven Deadly Glasses Will Tease, Tempt You With Sinful Wine

In vino peccatus... perhaps the saying should go like this, given the kind of hangover a bottle of wine can result in. And designer Kacper Hamilton might well agree. His Seven Deadly Glasses wine glasses are meant to physically represent each sin. So there's the phallic Pride glass, contrasting with the curly Greed… »6/06/08 9:45am6/06/08 9:45am

FLIP: The Only Ship That Stays Afloat Vertically or Horizontally

It may look like it's capsizing, but the FLIP (Floating Instrument Platform) is the only vessel out there that can operate both horizontally and vertically. It was designed to "flip" at sea so that scientists can better study the ocean. What I think is especially cool is that the insides of the ship (the crew… »2/28/07 11:26am2/28/07 11:26am