Force Feedback Gaming Vest Uses Compressed Air to Mimic Pain

Also known as the 3rd Space Vest, the Force Feedback gaming vest from TMgames is filled with compressed air pouches in order for you to feel the pain when you're hooked up to your console and having your butt kicked by scary aliens. Compatible with around a dozen games, including Call of Duty, Doom 3, Quake 4 and … » 2/22/08 6:57am 2/22/08 6:57am

Surveillance Vest Transmits Video Evidence Via 3G

With advanced wireless technology, wearing a wire no longer means having a voice recorder or short-range radio transmitter strapped to your chest. This 3G-equipped surveillance vest can transmit a live feed anywhere in the world. There is also a panic button and GPS, which is handy when the Bad Guys notice a massive… » 2/10/08 9:20pm 2/10/08 9:20pm

Swiss Army Jacket With Air Purifier Helps You Breathe a Little Easier

Those who have trouble with allergies (and deep pockets) may try just about anything to help alleviate their symptoms, and chances are Victorinox had these people in mind when they developed this Swiss Army Tech Vest with Air Purifier. The purifier itself is located in the left breast pocket, and it supposedly… » 1/30/08 3:00am 1/30/08 3:00am

AlarmWear Clothing: 125dB Personal Alarm System

When the wearer of an AlarmWear jacket, vest or backpack feels threatened, one tug on the carefully placed ring will set off a 125dB alarm. Naturally, the intent is to deter any thieves, potential rapists and the like —but let's not forget that these products are also available in kids' sizes. School bullying would… » 10/23/07 4:35pm 10/23/07 4:35pm

Tactile Messaging Vest Lets Soldiers Communicate Silently

Just as kids wrote on each other's backs and tried to guess what the letter or word was—something we loved—these tactile vests transmits signals to the wearer tactically. Each vest has 16 vibrating motors that can create 15 patterns with a "very high recognition" rate. In fact, when five volunteers were tested with… » 1/03/07 6:40pm 1/03/07 6:40pm

Dragon Skin Bulletproof Vest Repels AK-47 Rounds

These bulletproof vests are the first to stop armor piercing rounds without using some bulky plate. They work better than traditional shit beat cops use because the fibers are woven tighter; and they're woven in a way that actually tightens up the weave upon impact by bullet or blade. They're soft enough to roll up… » 9/25/06 1:14pm 9/25/06 1:14pm