Vestax Guber CM-02 USB Turntable Really Something

Despite having crates and crates of vinyl, I am too lazy (and too strapped for space) to shell out for a USB turntable. Another reason is that most of them look like shite. But this one, the Vestax Guber CM-02, is gorgeous. Delishy-wishy. It totally poops on last week's non-usb, acrylic home-made versions (sorry Mike)… » 3/28/08 7:16am 3/28/08 7:16am

In Love With the DJ: IDJ2 iPod Mixer and VCI-100 MIDI Interface

Judging by some of my previous posts, I know more than a few of you are into that whole dance music/club scene. So when one of the guys from Beatport writes in and tells me that he sat down with two as yet unmentioned DJ decks, I admit, there was a little bit of a rise. The Numark IDJ2 iPod mixer (pictured here) is… » 1/22/07 2:50pm 1/22/07 2:50pm

Vestax Portable Turntable Lets You Spin 45s from the Road

I've always been a fan of vinyl, and while the thought of a portable record player sounds cool, something about this player tells me I shouldn't keep my expectations too high. But for $169, the belt-driven Handy Trax Portable Black Limited Edition lets you play your scratchy vinyl collection (33, 45, and 78 RPM… » 12/12/06 7:45pm 12/12/06 7:45pm