Simple Hack Adds Power-Charge USB Slot to VGA Socket

Sometimes the simplest hacks are the most useful: If you've got a laptop with limited USB ports and you're in the market for something small and handy to let you charge a device over USB, then this is for you. All it takes is a male-male VGA adapter, a spare USB socket and some accurate soldering: it's all in the… » 11/26/08 10:10am 11/26/08 10:10am

HDCP Restrictions Rolled Back on New MacBooks

One part of the new MacBook experience that didn't exactly seem like much of an upgrade was the addition of HDCP » 11/26/08 5:28am 11/26/08 5:28am for the new DisplayPort video connector, which left users unable to watch iTunes DRMed video content—HD or SD—on non-HDCP compliant external displays. This morning Apple released an update to ease the pain:…

IOGear's USB to VGA Kit Puts Wireless Gap Between PC and Monitor

Combine this little gizmo with a wireless USB » 8/25/08 5:45am 8/25/08 5:45am hub and you could almost have your PC in a separate room to you: it's a wireless VGA cable. The USB to VGA kit consists of a transmitter dongle and a receiver with a VGA-socket. It's probably aimed more at swanky PC-projector setups, since it can cope with video of up to…

Boynq's Iris Webcam Has a Touch of Anglepoise in its Design

*Squeak* Hello. I'm Pixar's famous Anglepoise lamp... yes, the one from the CGI film. *Squeak* I'm here to complain about this new Iris webcam from Boynq, which takes a few too many design cues from me and my fellow lamp kind. Look at it: it's unmistakable isn't it? As well as a VGA webcam, it's got a 5W RMS speaker … » 8/05/08 10:40am 8/05/08 10:40am

LG KU990 Viewty Touchscreen Cellphone Can Now Record 640x480 DivX at 120FPS

Recording VGA-quality movies is nothing new, but DivX and LG just announced that the LG Viewty smartphone can now record VGA-quality movies at 120 frames per second with what looks like a software update (new ones will ship with it pre-loaded). Best of all, it records in the DivX format, which means you can watch it… » 2/06/08 4:20pm 2/06/08 4:20pm

MyVu Crystal & Shades Pay Homage To Sci-Fi Vision

Sci-Fi eyewear lovers are finally getting more options when shopping for new shades with MyVu's release of two new models, Shades and Crystal. Both models are geared toward watching video on the go, with what MyVu describes as "glance-down technology with true situational awareness." With this "glance-down tech" these… » 1/08/08 6:09pm 1/08/08 6:09pm

Wide VGA OLED for Handhelds on the Horizon From Samsung

Samsung is currently hard at work on what should be the first OLED display capable of wide VGA (800x480) resolution on a screen that measures as little as 3.08 inches across. Quite a leap when you consider that up until now, the best manufacturers could muster was a quarter VGA (320x240) on displays of that size. The… » 10/09/07 7:10pm 10/09/07 7:10pm

XCM VGA Box Makes Your Wii/PS3/PS2/Xbox VGA Compatible

This VGA Box sits between your console and your TV/Monitor in order to convert component video into VGA. This is useful for say, the Wii and PS3 that only have component but not VGA outputs, and will convert 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. It should work on most TVs and monitors supporting VGA input, and will cost you… » 6/15/07 11:50am 6/15/07 11:50am

Xbox 360 Spring Update Fixes Washed Out VGA Display Problems

Remember all the problems people had with washed out colors on their Xbox 360 when using a VGA cable? Well, the Spring Update actually offers a fix to those problems, which came from different interpretations of black levels on HDTVs and PCs. Adjust the new settings in your display and you'll be set. » 5/10/07 6:15pm 5/10/07 6:15pm

Gefen's Wireless USB with 100-Foot Range - For Real This Time?

At last year's CES, Gefen announced a wireless USB hub with 30-foot range. It was pure vapor, like most of the ultra-wideband wireless USB gear we saw. For this year's CES the company is announcing a wireless USB hub with a 100-foot range—along with wireless extenders for component audio, HDMI and VGA. Gefen claims… » 12/28/06 1:00pm 12/28/06 1:00pm

Samsung LCD to Enable Bigger, Sharper Viewscreens on Digital Cameras

Here's one of those pieces of techno-goodness that serves as foreshadowing to what we might be seeing in the not-too-distant future. Samsung has just created the first 3-inch LCD panel that not only has enough pixels for 640x480 (VGA) resolution, but also has the industry-standard interface needed to fit into digital… » 8/10/06 1:41pm 8/10/06 1:41pm