Lightning Review: VholdR Wearable Sport Camcorder

In honor of the upcoming Tahoe reader meetup on April 5th at Alpine Meadows, I'm going to be doing end of season reviews of some outdoor gadgetry that's been floating around the cabin.
The Gadget: A camera meant for outdoor junkies. Has laser pointers for aiming the cam, helmet, handlebar, and goggle mounts, and a… » 4/01/08 3:30am 4/01/08 3:30am

Wearable VholdR Palm-Sized Camcorder is Tiny, Convenient and Sturdy...Has Lasers

Take your first look at the new VholdR, a wearable, palm-sized camcorder created especially for shooting extreme video for quick uploading to YouTube. Notice that its lens takes up most of its volume, and its 4.8-ounce weight and 3.7-inch length encourage you take it along. It even includes helmet-mounting hardware… » 11/05/07 3:42pm 11/05/07 3:42pm