Vizio's Via Tablet and Smartphone Run Android For Cheap

Hey, look: Vizio's Android smartphone and tablet, which share the same "Via" name, have gone all official, and are unsurprisingly compatible with Vizio TVs and Blu-ray players—meaning these Via products will act as remotes for Vizio's Google TVs. » 1/03/11 8:05am 1/03/11 8:05am

VIA EPIA-T700 Is Smallest Computer-On-Module Money Can Buy

Measuring 6cm x 6cm, VIA's EPIA-T700 is the first chip launched in the new Mobile-ITX series which is actually the smallest computer-on-module available, even 50 per cent smaller than VIA's small-sounding Pico-ITX. That sounds, err, small. » 1/19/10 5:32am 1/19/10 5:32am

The Desktop Isn't Dead, Say People Who Really Hope the Desktop Isn't…

If you trust abstract concepts like "trends" and "evidence," it's clear that the desktop is heading for extinction. But wait! There may be an upward spike in the PC's downward trajectory, according to dutifully optimistic desktop chipmakers! They're probably right. » 1/11/10 11:21am 1/11/10 11:21am

VIA Epia-P820 Pico-ITX Board Is Perfect Base for Minuscule 64-Bit Home…

I want to spend two weeks working with the new fan-less, VIA EPIA-P820 pico-ITX board—with full 64-bit support—and matching VIA Amos-3001 chassis to create a full HD home theater in my car. Thankfully, I don't have a car. » 1/05/10 10:46am 1/05/10 10:46am

Via VN1000 Chipset Classes Up Your Low-End PC With Power-Efficient…

Via's been on a roll lately with power-efficient products, and the VN1000 continues the trend. For those of you with lower-end desktops or all-in-one Windows 7 PCs, the VN1000's your chance at a full HD multimedia experience that's also a stingy power consumer. It supports Blu-ray and DX10.1, DDR3 system memory at… » 12/11/09 11:19am 12/11/09 11:19am

Netbooks: What You Need to Know About the Next 6 Months

A bunch of great netbook upgrades are on the way—next-gen Intel processors in January; smooth HD video playback—but to spare you the brain hemorrhage of keeping track, we've laid it all out. Here's what you need to know. » 12/04/09 12:00pm 12/04/09 12:00pm

Via Mobile-ITX Platform is Half the Size of the Pico-ITX, Still Powerful

Via's Pico-ITX motherboard was small and powerful to begin with, but their new Mobile-ITX platform is about half the size and supposedly still packs a punch while keeping power consumption low. » 12/01/09 2:59pm 12/01/09 2:59pm

Via Nano 3000 Wants to Rip Out the Eyes of the Intel Atom

Via's latest nano processor, the 3000, has gone official today for a release in early 2010 in speeds ranging between 1 to 2GHz. The promise? 20% lower power consumption than old Vias, and 1080P playback. Intel's gotten cocky enough in the space that we don't mind the competition one bit. » 11/03/09 11:19am 11/03/09 11:19am

Via Pico-ITX Motherboard Runs 1080p Video Like a Champ

Netbooks have some drawbacks to go along with their tiny size and low price, one of which is an occasional inability to play HD video particularly smoothly. But Via's definitely making inroads—check out this video for proof. » 9/19/09 12:30pm 9/19/09 12:30pm

VIA And ARM Still Trying to Beat Intel Atom And Get Inside Netbook…

Intel's Atom processor is found in virtually every netbook, but others are still trying to get inside your mini-laptop. Independently, ARM and VIA are showing improved chips, but both won't touch what Intel has in store. » 9/16/09 10:10am 9/16/09 10:10am

Via Amos 3000 Fan-Less PC Is Half the Size of a Mac Mini

The Via Amos 3000: A monitor-mountable Pico ITX board running at 500Mhz, with 1GB of RAM, gigabit ethernet, four USB, and DVI video, in a cool metal case with no fan. It can probably grill burgers too. [BBG] » 6/05/09 10:30am 6/05/09 10:30am

Mobile Chipsets: WTF Are Atom, Tegra and Snapdragon?

Low-power processors aren't just for netbooks: These computers-on-a-chip are going to be powering our smartphones and other diminutive gadgets in the forseeable future. So what's the difference between the Atoms, Snapdragons and Tegras of the world? » 6/03/09 2:20pm 6/03/09 2:20pm

The Netbook Conspiracy: Intel and Microsoft Collude to Keep Netbooks…

Remember those crappy specs that define a netbook in Microsoft's eyes? Apparently, Intel is just as much to blame. » 5/26/09 9:50am 5/26/09 9:50am

OLPC's XO-1.5 to Boost Specs With Via Processor: You're Welcome, Africa

The hippies philanthropists at OLPC are overhauling the guts of their XO-1 with the aim of keeping the portable's battery life while increasing its capabilities. » 4/18/09 10:00am 4/18/09 10:00am

Samsung NC20, First Via Nano Netbook, On Sale for $550

The Samsung NC20 is not only another 12.1-inch netbook that's just made its way to the States (more on the NC20 here), it's the first system with a Via Nano processor. (You know, for if you really hate Intel but found that AMD has abandoned you.) And now it's on sale at Newegg for $550. [NewEgg] » 4/03/09 9:15am 4/03/09 9:15am

Samsung Jumpstarts The VIA Nano Bandwagon With Its 12" NC20 Netbook

Samsung has (finally) become the first major netbook manufacturer to adopt VIA's hot, hot Nano platform, announcing today the 12", fat-batteried NC20. » 2/27/09 7:07am 2/27/09 7:07am

Beautiful Walnut Radio Is Actually Artful PC Casemod

I've always wanted an old radio, like this 1946 Stromberg Carlson recreation. But it would just be something that I looked at, like, "ooh, what?" But old tyme modder Jeffrey Stephenson has another idea. » 12/04/08 11:20am 12/04/08 11:20am

AMD Has No Interest in Netbooks, None

You may be wondering why every netbook we write about seems to have the same Intel Atom processor. Some of it has to do with Intel's prominence in the entire processor market at the moment (which makes competition from Via little contest), and some of it has to do with AMD not stepping up to duke it out in the tiny… » 11/14/08 4:40pm 11/14/08 4:40pm