ARTiGO DIY Mini-PC Kit for an Awesome Hacker Holiday

Starting this Friday, Via Technologies will roll out their ARTiGO do-it-yourself mini-pc kit for any hacker looking for a fun (but brief) holiday project. The package includes an EPIA PX10000 Pico-ITX motherboard with a1-GHz C7 Via processor, a chassis, power adapter, and essential accessories—but you are on your own… »12/10/07 9:00pm12/10/07 9:00pm


OQO Chipmaker VIA Launches NanoBook, the Cute L'il $600 PDA Killer

Today at the VIA Technology Forum in Taipei, people get the first glimpse of VIA's ultra mobile PC reference design, the NanoBook. Though the term "reference design" might suggest "concept product," this design is actually being picked up. In Europe, Packard Bell will ship it, and VIA will announce its US partner… »6/05/07 8:00am6/05/07 8:00am