NSFW: USB-Powered MIA Vibrator Is Discreet, Has No On-Board Storage

Fleshbot »8/26/08 7:10pm8/26/08 7:10pm's got a review up of LELO's MIA, which is a discreet (albeit vibrator purple) USB-powered vibrator. Is it good? Lux sure thinks so, and compliments it on its "several levels of vibration as well as three different settings of pulse patterns," something usually not found in smaller, non cricket bat-sized…

V-Moda Vibe Fashion Earbuds Hands-On (Verdict: Audibly Sexy)

With the iPod's white earbuds being as much a fashion accessory as the iPod itself—with people even buying them to wear with other players—earbuds must now look good in addition to sounding good. These V-MODA Vibes? Well, they're not only pleasing to the eyes and ears, they feel like butter in the ear canal. Butter… »11/29/06 12:26pm11/29/06 12:26pm